What is it?

Gobby is a collaborative editor. It means that different users can edit the same file at the same time in real time. Every user sees in real time what the other users are typing, character by character. So it is especially useful when users edit simultaneously (or in a short period of time) the same lines (for example a LaTeX document), because there won't be any conflict or merge difficulties that you would have with a version-control system like SVN or GIT. But it is not incompatible with it, and it is still recommended to regularly commit the document under a version-control system in order to have backups and history.

Moreover starting from version 0.5 (more precisely development build 0.4.92), Gobby has undo feature! So there is no reason anymore not to use it.


Gobby 0.5 is still in development, so you'll have to compile it manually.

  • Go to “Source Code” section of http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/wiki/Download, and download “Current” version of Gobby and libinfinity
  • Extract, compile and install libinfinity, then Gobby. If some dependencies are missing, install them with the package manager of your distribution.
    • for a system-wide install:
      tar zxvf <soft>.tar.gz
      cd <soft>
      sudo make install
    • for a user-wide install:
      tar zxvf <soft>.tar.gz
      cd <soft>
      ./configure --prefix=/home/<user>/programs
      make install

Starting a server

infinoted-0.4 --security-policy=no-tls --password=<password>

For separate projects, start different server instances with different ports, starting from 6523:

infinoted-0.4 --security-policy=no-tls --password=<password> --port=6524

TODO: certificates and encryption

Connection to a server

  • Run “gobby-0.5”
  • File | Connect to a server: <server>:<port> (default port is 6523, but can be different if several servers are running on the same machine)

If your server is behind a firewall, you have to set up a ssh tunnel:

ssh -N -L<port>:<server>:<port> <user>@<server>&

and connect with Gobby to localhost:<port>

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