Main shortcuts

Must be done with the keyboard
ctrl-L location bar
ctrl-K search bar
ctrl-F find
F3 find next
ctrl-Enter in the find bar highlight find
ctrl-T new tab
Easier to do it with the mouse
ctrl-W close tab
ctrl-pageup/down previous/next tab
Mouse shortcuts
Middle click on link open in new tab
Middle click on tab close tab

Things that must be done with the keyboard are things that imply that you will type something after, then it is faster.


All-in-One Sidebar
F4 Show/Hide sidebar
Tab Mix Plus
Middle click on tab bar open last closed tab

Shortcuts for search engines

For all your bookmarks you can define a keyword : when you type it in the URL bar it will trigger the bookmark.

It is even more interesting for search engines. You just have to find what is the syntax of the url for searching (just tries – searching a word which doesn't exist is more efficient – or look at the examples I give next), and replace the words to search by %s.

Then you just have to type in the url bar, if you defined the g keyword for google : g crteknologies and it will search crteknologies with google.

There are some search engines which are already defined in the Fast search folder in the bookmarks, but you can add everything you want. As an example, you can find here all the keywords I use.

Interesting extensions

The essential ones:

  • All-in-One Sidebar: to put favorites, history, downloads, addons, etc in a sidebar
  • Tab Mix Plus: multirow tab bar, “new tab” button in the tab bar, open last closed tabs, hide close tab button, and a lot more
  • Tree Style Tab: to show tabs like a tree
  • Adblock Plus: to prevent ads download
  • Grease Monkey: to allow customizing all web pages, in order to remove ads undetected by Adblock Plus or to add features
  • Autofill Forms: a good form filler
  • FlashGot: to download all links of a page
  • Get jetable mail, Tempomail: to quickly get a disposable email address

The useful ones:

  • Nightly Tester Tools: to force an extension compatible with the latest Firefox version
  • ChromaTabs Plus: to color tabs in accordance with favicon
  • TabRenamizer: to rename tabs
  • Download Statusbar: shows a discreet status bar with the state and rates of your downloads
  • Master Password Timeout: locks the master security device after a period of inactivity
  • Hide Find Bar: hide the find bar after a period of inactivity
  • MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay: suppress addons install delay
  • oldbar: to display Firefox < 3.0 URL bar in Firefox >= 3.0
  • Source Viewer Tab: to view the page source code in a tab
  • Google Pagerank Status: show in the status bar the pagerank of the current page
  • BugMeNot: to bypass compulsory web registration using public accounts
  • IE View or IE Tab: for Windows, to quickly load a page in IE

External apps:

  • FireFTP: a good FTP client
  • TortoiseSVN Menu: a Subversion client

Advanced configuration

By typing about:config in the url bar, you have a access to a lot of configuration parameters.

  • extensions.checkCompatibility
  • extensions.checkUpdateSecurity
  • browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML
  • browser.backspace_action

about:plugins will give you information about your firefox multimedia plugins (WMP, flash, java, etc), and about:cache will list files in the firefox cache with some details.

Firefox 3

  • Restore the old location bar: oldbar extension
  • restore backspace key for previous page : about:config/browser.backspace_action = 0
  • And while it is in beta testing, find compatible versions of extension looking for latest development builds (Adblock Plus, Tab Mix Plus, …), or try to make the other ones compatible using Nightly Tester Tools extension.
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