Software fights

Missing features of some software vs others.

If you don't agree with something, please tell me in the discussion at the bottom how to do it with this software.



  • no sessions
  • no nice corrected colors
  • cannot scroll back while stuff is being written to the console
  • cannot use X clipboard, and impossible to paste X-copied text
  • cannot type accents

Konsole 3

  • not very light
  • no real window-clear (shift-enter)
  • does not keep the working dir when opening new tab
  • does not update tab title with current command

Konsole 4

  • not very light
  • no customizable shortcut for real window-clear (shift-enter)
  • does not preserve custom tab title, and doesn't show complete program in window title like konsole 3 does

Text Editor

Notepad++ (wine)

  • not native
  • loses focus for search
  • current function list plugin do not display struct
  • integrated console not very efficient


  • cannot change comments font
  • current function is not highlighted in function list
  • no whole word only in find in files
  • do not hightlight all occurrences of selected word
  • lack of edition shortcuts (ctrl-d…)
  • cannot print tab and space symbols

DVB Player

Features I'm looking for:

  • timeshifting with ringfile
  • livebuffer
  • autocrop
  • zoom
  • responsive channel switch
EPGnot workingok


  • EPG not working
  • switching channel is slow
  • not running as a daemon, has to be started for timers
  • does not support ringbuffer timeshift
  • does not support livebuffer
  • no remote instant record
  • no fast rewind, no sound in fast forward, loops when catching back current time


  • cannot zoom
  • does not support ringbuffer timeshift
  • no real GUI
  • loses “sticky” status when toggling fullscreen
  • no fullscreen remote button
  • no sound in fast forward, pause/rewind/forward not very reactive

Media Player

To manage music library.


  • regularly crashes


  • no good lyrics plugin (synced lyrics + stored in local file)
  • bug to play tracks with accents in filename
  • play queue not automatically updated

Dual Display


  • have to restart X to enable/disable the second screen


Separate screens

  • cannot drag windows from one screen to the other one
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