My favorite software with Windows


  • Trillian (or Gaim) : multiprotocol IM client (MSN, IRC, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber/GTalk)
    • SkyLlian : plugin to have Skype contacts in Trillian contact list and be able to chat with them in Trillian
    • TrillAlice : a chat bot that can talk to your contacts !
  • Thunderbird : mail client
  • Firefox : web browser
  • RadioFrSolo : a streaming radio player with a database of all french radios
  • CesarFTP : a comprehensive ftp server
  • RealVNC : to give remote control of your computer


  • SpeedCommander : replaces Windows Explorer, with tabs, ftp client and a lot of other features
  • Notepad++ : replaces Windows Notepad, with tabs and a lot of other features
    • FunctionList
    • Hex-editor
    • Compare


  • Winamp Light
    • MiniLyrics : a plugin for downloading and displaying lyrics while playing (supports synchronized .lrc files which permit to highlight the line which is currently sung).
  • MP3Tag : good mp3 tag editor
  • Easy CDDA Extractor : mp3 encoder/decoder
  • BSPlayer : a nice video player which manages very well subtitles
  • VLC : good video player with streaming features
  • VirtualDub : video encoder
  • Adobe Premiere : video edition


  • CygWin : a Unix-like environment for Windows
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