Windows Vista x86

Getting it

If you are a student, you school or university is probably member of the MSDN Academic Alliance, and you can download some Microsoft software on the Microsoft website for free, and maybe Vista is part of it.



If you get the error message :

# Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation

This is because Vista wants to be installed on the partition with the boot flag set, but you cannot modify that with the installer. However as this problem occurs when you have linux installed, you can boot linux and use fdisk to set the boot flag of the windows partition and unset the one of the partition where grub or lilo is installed. Then you'll need a linux live cd to swap it back.


Change Taskbar color with Vista Theme

Disable UAC

To disable the message “A program needs your permission to continue” each time your doing some admin stuff, turn off the User Account Control of your account in User Accounts in the Control Panel.

COM Surrogate

On HP Pavilion zv5340ea

After installing, the graphic card and sound card are not recognized.

Windows Updates find and install drivers automatically, but it remains a problem, because as the graphic card was not recognized, performance was poor, and Windows decided to not install Aero, and I found no way to enable it afterwise.

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