CHDK Installation

The full guide is here: Compiling_CHDK_under_Linux.

This is a summary of what I have done.

Install the toolchain

  • execute the script given here: Gcc452
  • copy the directory build-dir/arm/toolchain to /usr/local/arm-elf/
  • add /usr/local/arm-elf/bin to your PATH

Compile the source

  • get the source code with svn co chdk
  • create a file
  • apply get_shoot_state.patch FIXME
  • apply set_shutter_state.patch FIXME
  • compile with make fir

Install CHDK on the card

  • format the card in FAT16 with a single partition (for cards > 4GB, create one FAT16 partition of 16MB and another big FAT32 partition)
  • make the card bootable with “echo -n BOOTDISK | dd bs=1 count=8 seek=64 of=/dev/mmcblk0p1” (see Bootable_SD_card)
  • Copy bin/DISKBOOT.BIN and bin/PS.FIR to the root of the SD card (the first partition for cards > 4GB)
  • Copy the CHDK directory to the root of the SD card (the second partition for cards > 4GB)
  • Unmount the card, switch it to write protect mode, and put it in the camera (or for testing purposes to avoid keeping switching the write protect switch, start the camera in play mode and do firmware update in menu).


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