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DynDNS is a service that allows you to have a static domain name even if you don't have a static IP. You have to :

  1. create a free account at or another provider. Usually you can also configure a real domain name as a dynamic host (eg OVH).
  2. configure a Dynamic DNS in this account
  3. install a software client on your computer that will automatically update the hostname (DynDNS Updater for Windows or Mac, ddclient or inadyn for Linux)
  4. or you can also configure your modem if it supports DynDNS (NeufBox, …), then you don't need to install a client.

Trick to use providers unsupported by your modem

Several modems (NeufBox, …) only support, which makes it impossible to use a real domain name bought to a real registrar.

Fortunately there is a trick : you have to add a DNS entry in your modem for making “” point to the IP address of your real provider.

Source :

Needs testing with OVH.

Problem: Neufbox 4 limits the user name at 15 characters, and the domain name at 20 characters…

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