Table of Contents

Iphone 3G


  • Calendars and Contacts: exchange


  • Nimbuzz: multiprotocol chat client
  • iVelos2: to see occupation of stations in free bike services
  • GPSLite: GPS software to record your trajectories
  • TouchTerm: SSH client
  • Skype: you can call and send SMS at Skype rates
  • Fring: sip client and multiprotocols chat client
  • AroundMe
  • Deezer
  • Google Earth
  • Wapedia
  • France24 live
  • Facebook
  • Torch
  • PagesJaunes
  • iTrafic
  • AudioMemos Free

Jailbroken Apps

  • OpenSSH, Automatic SSH
  • rsync, unzip, wget, lsof, top, bc, bzip2, grep, gzip, Kate, less, nano, screen, sed, gawk, Z Shell
  • basic-cmds, adv-cmds, network-cmds, file-cmds, Core Utilities
  • iDNS: dynamic DNS client
  • rdesktop
  • Tether
  • VoIPover3G
  • Icy
  • AdBlock
  • Erica Utilities
  • Mplayer, FFmpeg
  • Moon Phase
  • rdesktop
  • Backgrounder
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