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Courses at Supélec and GeorgiaTech

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Supélec is the top french engineering school in sciences of information and energy.  There are many options in computer science, and I've chosen the IIC option which is related to Artificial Intelligence.
I'm also taking courses at the same time at GeorgiaTech Lorraine, the european campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta to get a Master of Science in Computer Science, and I'll go one semester in Atlanta. I'm also looking for an internship in the US.

Third year
Second year
First year

THIRD YEAR (5 year university degree)
(IIC option : Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence)

Supélec courses

Fundamental Informatics
Logic and Calculous
Systems, Networks and Services
Parallel and distributed Processing, Grids
Approach of programming (C++, Lisp)
Real-Time systems and embedded systems
Formal Specifications - Software engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Reasonning in Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Concepts in Knowledge Representation
Non-supervised learning
Réseaux, Graphes et Machines à Etats pour l'IA Probabiliste
Supervised learning : regression and classification
Autonomous Robotics
Computer Vision
Automatic Processing of natural language

GeorgiaTech courses

Game Design. Project : Chess engine with evaluation function optimized with genetic algorithm.
Augmented Reality. Project : Improvement of the ARToolKitPlus library of Marker Tracking.


Required courses

Computer science and Mathematics
Architecture of Computers
Software project : shape detection for automatic calibration of cameras
Information Systems

Numerical calculus
Statistical analysis and representation of signals
Digital Signal processing

Electronics and Physics
Control theory
Conversion of electrical energy
Radio-frequency Electronics

Motor control

Non scientific
Project Management
Law in companies
Languages : English, Spanish

Elective courses

Biological models for Computer Science
Image synthesis
Data Mining
Human resources


Required courses

Computer Science and Mathematics
Basis of Computer Science
Software engineering
Theory of probability
Theory of statistics
Introduction to signal processing
Introduction to systems

Electronics and Physics
Analog electronics
Digital electronics (logic)
Power engineering
Quantum physics

Electrical and magnetic fields
Physics of matter

Non scientific
Business and economics in companies
Languages : English, Spanish

Elective courses

A.I., neural networks and genetic algorithms
Symbolic mathematics (Mathematica)
History of sciences
Introduction to economics
Communication in companies
Self-knowledge and relationships with other people

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